SUSTech students succeed at 12th CMC

Dec 14, 2020

Recently, the results of the 12th Chinese Mathematics Competitions (CMC) were released. Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) students won 25 first prize, 24 second prize, and 27 third prize, and three students successfully cut the National Finals.

The competition was held in November in Guangzhou, with 118 SUSTech students attending the competition.

The good performance of SUSTech students in the competition fully shows their intelligence and mathematical literacy, and also reflects the innovative achievements of mathematics teaching. Department of Mathematics will further strengthen curriculum construction, deepen teaching reform, improve teaching quality, and provide more powerful support for students’ professional development.

CMC, hosted by the Chinese Mathematical Society, is the highest-level competition in the fundamental discipline of mathematics for college students. First held in 2009, CMC is an annual event designed to stimulate the college students’ interest in mathematics, push forward reform and building of mathematics courses in institutions of higher learning, improve teaching level of college mathematics courses, develop the college students’ ability to analyze and solve problems, identify the innovative talents in mathematics and provide a stage for the college students to show up their fundamental knowledge and thinking ability.