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The SUSTech Mathematics Department was founded in June 2015. As of the 2019 - 2020 academic year, the Department consists of 28 research and teaching-line faculty members and 6 teaching-line faculty members, 101 graduate students, and 205 undergraduate majors. The Department is currently located in Block (Building) 3, Hui Yuan (Wisdom Valley), 1088, Xueyuan Boulevard. Our administrative office is situated in Room 401 on the fourth floor.

The Department offers undergraduate degrees in the following areas:

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Financial Mathematics

Our graduate program (master and doctoral) covers nearly all fields of mathematical sciences. In addition, the Department also has joint Ph.D. programs with a few well-known overseas and Hong Kong/Macao universities providing excellent opportunities for prospective students.

Our faculty members’ research covers a broad range of areas including Mathematics (dynamical systems, algebra and combinatorics, algebraic number theory, PDEs, mathematical physics and differential geometry, etc.), Computational and Applied Mathematics (applied mathematics, numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics, scientific computing, inverse problems, data science, etc.), Probability and Statistics, and Financial Mathematics.

The Department is well-funded for its research effort. In the last four years, our faculty members have successfully obtained over 60 new external research grants (40 at the national level), with two major grants from NSFC. Furthermore, the department houses one of the Guangdong Provincial Major Laboratories.

The Department enjoys an outstanding faculty. Most of our senior faculty members have had tenured positions in leading Universities in the US, Canada, Australia, and European Countries. Most of our junior faculty have had multiple years of teaching and research experiences overseas, after receiving their degrees in some of the top universities in the world. Our faculty members have been invited to speak at major international conferences such as ICM, obtained distinguished honors such as membership to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Science Award, serve on the editorial boards of more than 30 international research journals, and published in prestigious journals such as Annals of Mathematics, Inventiones Mathematicae, JAMS, and Acta.

As the Department continues to grow, we are actively recruiting new faculty members, postdocs, visitors and graduate students. We welcome outstanding candidates to join us in our exciting journey to become a world class mathematical department.

Program of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

  There are many jobs and opportunities for further academic development for undergraduate students in mathematics and applied mathematics. Government agencies, banks, insurance companies, securities investment companies, software developers, market survey and analysis companies, e-commerce companies and many high-tech companies all have job opportunities for undergraduate students in mathematics and applied mathematics. Students who wish to pursue graduate studies in mathematics and applied mathematics can also find many opportunities either in China or overseas.

  The objective of the undergraduate programs in mathematics and applied mathematics is to produce outstanding students with a solid foundation in mathematics, a broad knowledge base in related areas such scientific computing and other areas of science, and excellent ability of critical thinking and working independently. The department provides a wide verity of courses that will meet the needs of students interested in pure mathematics and applied mathematics. The ultimate training objective of the undergraduate programs is to enable students to excel in their future career choices, whether they choose to work in government or industries, or to become mathematical scientists.

Program of Financial Mathematics

  In 2012 the Chinese Ministry of Education approved financial mathematics as a major in the field of economics. At present, more than 60 universities have been granted the right confer degrees in financial mathematics. Students enroll in schools or departments of mathematics and can obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

  In China option trading began in 2015. With the rapid development of networks, the scale of high-frequency trading via networks and aided by computer programming will also increase. In order to prevent financial crisis and to maintain the stability of financial markets, talents of financial risk management who have solid abilities in financial modeling and quantitative analysis are in urgent need. As a result, there is an urgent need in financial markets for talents with excellent foundation of mathematics, superb computer programming skills and a good understanding of finance. It is of great significance to develop the financial mathematics major well in order to cultivate high-end financial talents for China’s financial industry.

  The objective for undergraduates majoring in financial mathematics is to cultivate high-level, applied and interdisciplinary financial talents who possess good professional ethics, solid theoretical basis of financial mathematics, superior abilities in data processing and computer programming, high level of foreign languages as well as innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and are able to engage in financial data processing, model analysis, quantitative investment and risk management in all kinds of financial institutions, and to lay a theoretical foundation for them to pursue postgraduate studies.