2019 “Shenzhen Cup” Mathematical Modeling Challenge launched

Aug 19, 2019

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has continued its hosting duties of the Shenzhen Cup Mathematical Modeling Challenge, which started over the weekend. 200 students from over 65 universities and colleges across China descended upon SUSTech’s campus for the 5thtime, for the 9th Shenzhen Cup. Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen Wang Lixin attended the opening ceremony.

The Shenzhen Cup is hosted by the China Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the Shenzhen Science and Technology Association (City Association). SUSTech is one of the key co-organizers of the Shenzhen Cup,

SUSTech Vice President Tang Tao and competition expert group head Chen Shuping also attended the opening ceremony, which was hosted by Shenzhen Science and Technology Association Vice Chairman Lin Xiang.

Chen Shuping spoke of the bridge linking mathematics to the practical problems facing society. It is important to turn challenges into mathematical challenges, in order to apply mathematical theories and methods to them. In this way, researchers would be able to analyze and derive calculated solutions for the problems in society.

“As a trailblazer of reform and opening up, Shenzhen provides an ideal academic environment for mathematics and mathematical modeling,” added Chen Shuping.

Deputy mayor Wang Lixin fully affirmed the establishment of the SUSTech International Center for Mathematics, which was named after the Fields Medal winner Efim Isaakovich Zelmanov. He said that the Shenzhen Cup attracts young college students into the world of science and plays an important role in cultivating the scientists of tomorrow.

He said, “The Shenzhen Municipal Government attaches great importance to basic research and strives to lay a solid foundation for the future International Science and Technology Innovation Center in Greater Bay Area.”

Subsequently, the “Shenzhen Cup” Mathematical Modeling Challenge co-sponsored Strategic Framework Agreement was signed by the representatives from Shenzhen Science and Technology Association and SUSTech. The agreement signifies further cooperation between both sides for the future development of the Competition.