The strategy seminar of Department of Mathematics was successfully held

Sep 15, 2015

From September 12 to September 13, 2015, teachers from Department of Mathematics got together to hold the strategic planning and development seminar, which comprehensively discussed the teaching work, scientific research and planning and development etc. major events of Department of Mathematics in the next stage.

Professor Xia Zhihong, director of Department of Mathematics hosted the seminar and indicated that the seminar is an important meeting for the strategic development of Department of Mathematics in the future and he hoped that the Department of Mathematics can be clear about the direction of development in the future through the meeting and wide discussion and collecting wisdom of the masses focusing on the core work of current stage of Department of Mathematics

Professor Xia Zhihong firstly reported the strategic seminar condition to the department and introduced the planning of six major works of the school in the future in the aspects of undergraduate teaching work, scientific research and training program of graduates, planning of human resources development, scheme of the 2nd stage campus planning and construction, improving administrative efficiency and enhancing the construction of campus culture.

Teachers of Department of Mathematics made deep discussion about the undergraduate teaching problems, especially for the teaching of mathematics for freshmen; Professor Xia Zhihong, Professor Wang Xuefeng, associate professor Li Jingzhi proposed that the mathematics for freshmen should be divided into different three coursed according to the learning interest of students and majors to be selected in the future. Students who want to join Department of Mathematics or Department of Physics should learn the course of Mathematics Analysis; for other engineering departments, the advanced mathematics will be divided into improved clad and normal class according to different required degrees, teaching students in accordance of their aptitude and conducting sophisticated teaching.

Professor Chen Anyue proposed his suggestions to the assumption of three semesters proposed by the university and he hoped that it can be two long terms with 14 weeks and one short term with 6 weeks. Other teachers in the department also proposed their intentions for inviting international top professors to give a lecture in the short term to widen the views of students’.

For the scientific research in the Department of Mathematics, Professor Xia Zhihong encouraged teachers to well coordinate the relationship of teaching and scientific research, doing a good scientific research while doing an excellent teaching work. Professor Xia Zhihong hoped that every teacher can actively invite top professors in their discipline orientation to make academic visits, enhance the subject academic communication and strive to build the Department of Mathematics to be an international leading department of mathematics

At last, Professor Xia Zhihong said that the Department of Mathematics undertakes the heavy responsibility of mathematics public courses in the university; all teachers in the department should carefully teach the mathematics public courses with advanced teaching idea and methods and lay a great foundation for the follow-up courses of students as well as make contributions to SUSTC for the construction of high-level world leading university.