Probability & Statistics Seminar

Quasi-stationary distribution for irregular Markov process


时间: 2018-01-12 11:00-12:00

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

LLN for an asymptotical critical branching random walk


时间: 2018-01-12 10:00-11:00

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅



时间: 2018-01-12 09:00-10:00

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Big Data Analytics and Extended Probabilistic Inference

演讲者:Jian-Bo Yang(曼彻斯特大学)

时间: 2017-12-30 15:00-16:00

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Evolution of Portfolio Optimization

演讲者:舒连杰 (澳门大学)

时间: 2017-12-18 16:30-17:30

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Modeling the changing dependence of multivariate time series: with an application in financial econometrics

演讲者:Wenjiang JIANG(云南师范大学)

时间: 2017-12-18 15:30-16:30

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Gradient Estimates on Dirichlet Eigenfunctions

演讲者:FENG-YU WANG (天津大学)

时间: 2017-10-19 14:50-15:40

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Dirichlet Principle for Non-reversible Markov Chains

演讲者:YONGHUA MAO (北京师范大学)

时间: 2017-10-19 14:00-14:50

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Invariant Measures for Path-Dependent Random Diffusions

演讲者:Jinghai Shao(天津大学)

时间: 2017-10-19 10:40-11:30

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Heat Kernels for Time-dependent Non-symmetric Stable-like Operators

演讲者:XICHENG ZHANG (武汉大学)

时间: 2017-10-19 09:30-10:20

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Stochastic Differential Equations versus Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov Equations: a Short Review and Some Recent Progress

演讲者:Michael Röckner(比勒费尔德大学)

时间: 2017-10-19 08:35-09:30

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

2D Stochastic Chemotaxis-Navier-Stokes System


时间: 2017-09-07 09:50-10:50

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Scalable Bayesian Variable Selection for Structured High-dimensional Data

演讲者:龙琦教授 University of Pennsylvania

时间: 2017-06-20 16:10-17:10


Model Selection for High Dimensional Quadratic Regression via Regularization

演讲者:郭绍俊副教授 中国人民大学大数据研究院

时间: 2017-06-19 16:40-17:40


A Simple Scale-Invariant Two-Sample Test for High-Dimensional Data

演讲者:张金庭副教授 新加坡国立大学

时间: 2017-06-19 16:30-17:30


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