Probability & Statistics Seminar

Case-deletion diagnostics for linear mixed models


时间: 2018-11-15 10:20-11:20

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Testing for heteroscedasticity in high-dimensional regressions


时间: 2018-10-18 16:00-17:00

地点:慧园3栋 518报告厅

Criteria for multiple surrogates


时间: 2018-10-18 15:00-16:00

地点:慧园3栋 518报告厅

A modal-type outer product gradients procedure for the single-index models


时间: 2018-10-18 14:00-15:00

地点:慧园3栋 518报告厅

Study on Brain Functional Abnormality based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging


时间: 2018-09-21 16:30-17:30

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Stein’s method, Metropolis-Hastings reversiblizations and Markov chains mixing time

演讲者:Michael Choi(香港中文大学(深圳))

时间: 2018-09-18 16:10-17:30

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Doubly Dividing the Massive Data for Prediction Using Model Aggregation


时间: 2018-08-02 17:00-18:00

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Nonparametric sieve maximum likelihood estimation for semi-competing risks data

演讲者:Jinfeng XU(香港大学)

时间: 2018-08-02 16:00-17:00

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Variable Selection in Population Health Research

演讲者:Yixin FANG(新泽西理工学院)

时间: 2018-08-02 15:00-16:00

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Estimating the cumulative function of mean for the history process with time-dependent covariates and censoring mechanism

演讲者:Dianliang Deng(里贾纳大学)

时间: 2018-07-02 16:00-17:00

地点:慧园3栋 518报告厅

How to Design Experiments in the Big Data Era?


时间: 2018-06-19 14:00-15:00

地点:慧园3栋 518报告厅

Inference of Heavy-Tailed Vector Error Correction Models 


时间: 2018-06-11 16:00-17:00

地点:慧园3栋 518报告厅

Recommender systems


时间: 2018-06-01 16:00-17:00

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Statistical meta-analysis and its application in evidence-based medicine

演讲者:Tiejun Tong(香港浸会大学)

时间: 2018-06-01 15:00-16:00

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

Random attractors for non-autonomous stochastic Klein-Gordon equation driven by multiplicative noise

演讲者:Ping Gao(广州大学)

时间: 2018-05-17 15:00-16:00

地点:慧园3栋 415报告厅

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