PDE Seminar

Zero-dispersion limit for the Benjamin-Ono equation on the torus

  • 演讲者:Louise Gassot(Université de Rennes)

  • 时间:2023-09-20 16:00-17:00

  • 地点:Zoom 918 0193 7273 ,密码:150170


We discuss the zero-dispersion limit for the Benjamin-Onoequation on the torus given a bell-shaped initial data. We provethat the solutions admit a weak limit as the dispersion parametertends to zero which is explicit and constructed from the Burgersequation. The approach relies on the complete integrability forthe Benjamin-Ono equation from Gerard, Kappeler and Topalovand also on the spectral study of the Lax operator associated tothe initial data in the zero-dispersion limit.