PDE Seminar

Global Dynamics of a Predator-Prey Model in Open Advective Environments

  • 演讲者:聂华(陕西师范大学)

  • 时间:2022-09-30 10:30-11:30

  • 地点:腾讯会议 ID 570-101-854


We discuss a system of reaction-diffusion-advection equations for a generalist predator-prey model in open advective environments, subject to an unidirectional flow. In contrast to the specialist predator-prey model, the dynamics of this system is more complex. It turns out that there exist some critical advection rates and predation rates, which classify the global dynamics of the generalist predator-prey system into three or four scenarios: (i) coexistence; (ii) persistence of prey only; (iii) persistence of predators only; and (iv) extinction of both species. Moreover, the results reveal significant differences between the specialist predator-prey system and the generalist predator-prey system, including the evolution of the critical predation rates with respect to the ratio of the flow speeds; the take-over of the generalist predator; and the reduction in parameter range for the persistence of prey species alone. These findings may have important biological implications on the invasion of generalist predators in open advective environments. 


聂华,教授、博士生导师,研究方向:反应扩散方程与空间生态种群模型。现任中国生物数学学会理事、中国计算数学学会理事。2006年获得博士学位,2012 年入选教育部“新世纪优秀人才支持计划”;2015 年入选陕西省“青年科技新星”;多次赴美国明尼苏达大学、澳大利亚新英格兰大学、台湾清华大学合作研究与访问。已主持国家自然科学基金面上项目 2 项,主持完成省部级项目 3 项;已在“SIAM J. Appl. Math.”、“SIAM J. Math. Anal.”、“SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Syst.”、“J. Differential Equations”、“J. Math. Biol.”、 “Math. Biosci.”、“European J. Appl. Math.”、“Proc. London Math. Soc.”、“Sci. China Math.”等国内外知名刊物上发表学术论文60多篇。