SUSTechers revel in the fun of Pi Day at 3rd Mathematics Festival

Apr 1, 2024

Pi, symbolized by the Greek letter π, stands as one of the most recognized mathematical constants, representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14159. Its fascination has captivated minds worldwide, particularly among mathematicians. Recognizing the importance of Pi, March 14 (3/14) has evolved into an annual celebration known as Pi Day.

Embracing this tradition, on March 14, the Department of Mathematics at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) marked the occasion with its 3rd Mathematics Festival.

This year’s festival revolved around the theme of “Playing with Math”, featuring a collection of engaging activities organized by the University. These included a math modeling salon, a postgraduate academic forum, science popularization presentations, and a Pi day party.

The Mathematical Modeling Association of SUSTech arranged the math modeling salon, which also explored the integration of artificial intelligence tools in mathematical modeling.

The postgraduate academic forum comprised of two sessions: Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.



During the Pi day party, Professor Qing XIANG, Head of the Department of Mathematics, delivered a speech underscoring the significance of exploring math.

The party boasted nine interactive booths, showcasing a variety of math games and attracting nearly a thousand faculty members and students. Among the highlights was “Guess Who”, which challenged participants to identify renowned mathematicians based on their formulas and contributions, fostering an appreciation for the history of mathematics. Another standout was “Limits”, which tested participants’ logical reasoning through a series of mathematical problems.

The “Pi Quiz” emerged as a crowd favorite, culminating in Xinxin YANG claiming the grand prize. Efim Zelmanov, Chair Professor of the Department of Mathematics and Director of the Shenzhen International Center for Mathematics, presented the award personally.

Featuring bilingual displays in Chinese and English, the game booths provided opportunities for international students to participate in the games, facilitating cross-cultural exchanges on campus.



By hosting the annual Mathematics Festival, SUSTech provides a platform for participants to immerse themselves in the allure of mathematics through engaging activities, stimulating students’ interest in the subject, and advancing the development of the discipline at the University.