Chair of Department of Mathematics Xia Zhihong Delivers a Speech at Future Forum

May 25, 2016

On 21 May, 2016, Professor Xia Zhihong, a renowned mathematician, astronomer and Chair of Department of Mathematics of SUSTech, was invited to the Future Forum and gave a speech titled “The Limitation of Cognition and Impossible Challenges” at China Science and Technology Museum in Beijing. Prof. Xia is also a member of Future Forum Committee of Scientists that initiated the forum. During the inspiring speech, Xia revealed the endless charm of mathematics to the audience.

Future Forum, a private non-profit organization, is a platform for people to foster dreams about science and technology, connect advanced technologies and decode future trends. Jointly launched by a group of influential talents in fields of Internet, investment, science and education, this forum is dedicated to promoting scientific enlightenment while diffusing scientific ideas and humanistic spirit, and to exploring the future in a scientific and rational way.

Song Jun, Director of Academic Department of China Association for Science and Technology, and Wu Yajun, a donor of Future Science Awards and Chairman of Longfor Properties, also attended the forum.