CMS expert delegation visits SUSTech

Apr 9, 2016

On April 8, at the invitation of President Chen Shiyi and Vice President Tang Tao, academicians and experts of the Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS) visited Southern University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTech). The two sides held a meeting. Prof. Xia Zhihong, Dean of the Department of Mathematics, chaired the meeting.

Led by Academician Jiang Boju, the delegation brought together numerous outstanding mathematical experts, including Prof. Zhang Jiping from Peking University, Prof. Xin Yuanlong from Fudan University, Researcher Duan Haibao, Ji Min and Chen Yifei from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. Many of them are winners of the Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award. Li Dong, Director of the General Office of CMS, attended the meeting. Also present were Dean Chen Zhibing and Deputy Dean Lu Jian of the College of Mathematics and Statistics, Shenzhen University; as well as representatives from Shenzhen Elite Industrial Development Group which funded the "Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award".

Meeting scene

Chen welcomed the delegation led by Jiang, narrating his indissoluble bond with mathematics in studies and work. SUSTech is a good place with beautiful landscape. Based on Shenzhen's tremendous economic strength and appealing environment, SUSTech is working ambitiously and steadily towards the goal of becoming a top university in China and the world, said him.

Tang expected CMS' academicians and experts to continue supporting SUSTech's development and making valuable suggestions on the development and construction of the Department of Mathematics, SUSTech.

Xia Zhihong introduced the development of the Department of Mathematics, SUSTech.

SUSTech is just like a piece of white paper, without historical burden, it is sure to develop rapidly and soundly, said Jiang. His remarks were unanimously accepted by the attendees. SUSTech is vibrant, said Prof. Ji. SUSTech needs to introduce more top talents, said Prof. Zhang. This visit is of far-reaching significance, which will further promote the cooperation and exchanges between CMS and SUSTech, said Director Li.

Prior to the seminar, the delegation visited the sand table, colleges and other sites of SUSTech, to find out the construction of SUSTech's Phase 2 projects.

The delegation visits the sand table of SUSTech


The Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS) is an academic social organization, as well as part of the China Association for Science and Technology. It aims to bright together mathematical workers to promote the development of mathematics, prosper China's scientific and technical undertakings, promote the growth and improvement of scientific and technical talents, revitalize the economy, promote the construction of two civilizations, and accomplish the socialist modernization of China in an accelerated manner. CMS is mainly responsible for organizing academic exchanges, editing and publishing mathematical periodicals, carrying out international academic exchanges, holding mathematical contests, popularizing mathematics, organizing and promoting mathematical education and reform, and holding training and workshops based on the needs of national construction and disciplinary development.