2015 Shenzhen Cup Summer Camp of Mathematical Modeling Successfully Closed Four participating teams obtained the first prize

Aug 25, 2015

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On August 24, 2015, the closing ceremony of the 2015 Shenzhen Cup Summer Camp of Mathematical Modeling was held in the Lecture Hall in the first floor of the First Scientific Building of SUSTC. The winner list of outstanding papers of the Summer Camp of Mathematical Modeling was published, there were 24 participating teams won the prizes, in which there are 4 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 12 third prizes.

The 2015 Shenzhen Cup Summer Camp of Mathematical Modeling was held in SUSTC from August 21 to 24; there are 71 representative teams, about 280 teachers and students coming from colleges and universities across the country. The summer camp focused on four propositions to conduct mathematical modeling, they are “actively discovering of fraudulent conduct of health insurance”, “k-mer index problem of DNA sequence”, “construction of wetlands ecosystem model framework in Futian Mangrove Natural Reserve and its example of applied study” and “problem of flight delay”. Through the careful review of assessment experts, four teams from Nankai University, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Fudan University and Tianjin University respectively obtained the first prize of outstanding paper of the 2015 Shenzhen Cup Summer Camp of Mathematical Modeling in the end; there were 8 participating teams won the second prize and 12 participating teams won the third prize. The teams with awards also get the Nanshan Innovative Prize, in which 10000 Yuan for the first prize, 5000 Yuan for the second prize and 3000 Yuan for the third prize.

Vice president of committee of National College Mathematical Modeling Contest, leader of expert group, professor of Zhejiang University, Chen Shuping, leader of the summer camp activity issue the certificate and prize to the team obtained the first prize

Ma Jianwen, secretary Party Leadership Group of SZSTA and leader of the summer camp issues certificate and prize for the team obtained the first prize

At the closing ceremony of summer camp, four representatives of assessment experts made a speech respectively and commented the intent to assign the topics and papers of participants. Experts all thought that the four questions discussed in this summer camp are more close to reality and livelihood; at the same time, they are closely related to the development of Shenzhen economic society comparing with the last four summer camps. The brainstorming related to mathematical modeling not only attracted outstanding talents to know more about Shenzhen, proposing suggestions for the development of Shenzhen with mathematical thinking, but also solved the realistic questions encountered in the development, laying the theories basis for promoting the development of Shenzhen economic society.

As far as I know, the summer camp was jointly held by committee of National College Mathematical Modeling Contest, SZSTA and SUSTC. The committee will publish the modeling question of summer camp at the contest website at in the middle of April 2015; students who are interested in can participate in by team (three at most for each team, can be college students or graduate students, but must come from the same school); the team can select one question and submit a research paper to the committee of the competition area through the study of more than one month. The summer camp activity is not competition, so students can ask teachers or experts when completing the paper and even discuss with teachers or experts to finish the paper together. Afterwards, the committee the competition area will recommend papers of summer camps to the national committee, and then it will select students and teachers to take part in the summer camp held in Shenzhen. The outstanding paper selected and the winner during the summer camp in Shenzhen will be given proper awards.

Founded in 1992, the annual National College Mathematical Modeling Contest is the largest basic course contests of national colleges and universities and also is the largest mathematical modeling contest in the world. The Shenzhen Cup mathematical Modeling Summer Camp was held on the basis of this, participants of which are all talents of mathematical modeling across the country. Since it was held in August 2011 in Shenzhen, it has been successfully held for 5 sessions, which has positive social influence and creates good brand effect, becoming an important card for Shenzhen to attract excellent talents and promote the city image.