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Research & Teaching Positions > Faculty positions in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Financial Mathematics

Faculty positions in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Financial Mathematics

Recruitment profile Treatment and welfare Recruitment jobs

Recruitment profile

The Department of Mathematics at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is founded in 2015 with a dual mission of creating a first-class research and education organization for mathematics and providing service courses in support of other academic departments at SUSTech. We currently have 32 full-time faculty members, including 5 Chair Professors & 7 Full Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 10 Assistant Professors, and 8 teaching faculty members. Research interests of the faculty members cover a broad array of Mathematics including Pure Mathematics, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, and Financial Mathematics.

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Treatment and welfare

I. Income and Benefits

1. Globally competitive (including US & HK) salary;

2. Apartment inside campus (depending on remaining apartment quantity) or housing allowance of leasing outside;

3. Social Insurance:Retirement insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation funds. Special health insurance is negotiable.

4. A total of CNY 2.75 million living subsidies, including:

(1) National living subsidies CNY 500,000;

(2) Guangdong provincial living subsidies CNY 250,000;

(3) Shenzhen living subsides of CNY 2 million (“Shenzhen peacock talent type B”).

II. SUSTech will provide comfortable office space, special requirements are negotiable.

III. A total of approximately CNY 12 million research fund, including:

1. National research fund CNY 1-3 million;

2. Guangdong Provincial start-up fund CNY 250,000;

3. Shenzhen start-up fund of CNY 3-5 million;

4. Nanshan District start-up fund of CNY 200,000;

5. SUSTech start-up fund of CNY 3 million.

6. Special requirements are negotiable.

IV. Living supports

1. Registered permanent residence for scholar’s family (spouse and children) in China;

2. Foreigner’s resident visa for scholar’s family (spouse and children);

3. Children’s education in the affiliated preschool, primary school and middle school of SUSTech;

4. Assist in solving spouse’s employment problem.

V. National, province and Shenzhen talent programs application service. Special requirements negotiable.

Recruitment jobs

Established in 2012, SUSTech is a public institution funded by Shenzhen, a city with a designated special economic zone status in Southern China bordering Hong Kong. As one of China's key gateways to the world, Shenzhen is the country's fastest-growing city in the past three decades. From a small fishing village 30 years ago to a modern city with a population of over 10 million, the city has become the high-tech and manufacturing hub of southern China. It is home to the world's third-busiest container port and the fourth-busiest airport on the Chinese mainland. Being a picturesque coastal city, Shenzhen is also a popular tourist destination.

SUSTech is a pioneer in higher education reform in China. Its mission is to become a globally recognized institution that excels in research and promotes innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Ninety percent of SUSTech faculty members have overseas work experiences, and sixty percent studied or worked in top 100 universities in the world. The languages of instruction are English and Chinese. Sitting on five hundred acres of subtropical woodland with hills, rivers and a natural lake in Nanshan District of Shenzhen, the SUSTech campus is a beautiful place for learning and research.

The prosperity of Shenzhen is built on innovations and entrepreneurship of its citizens. The city has some of China's most successful high-tech companies such as Huawei and Tencent. SUSTech strongly supports innovations and entrepreneurship, and provides funding for promising initiatives. The university encourages candidates with intention and experience on entrepreneurship to apply.