Math Department Invited Talks

[Math Department Invited Talk] A HWENO scheme with artificial linear weights for hyperbolic conservation laws


In this presentation, we present a fifth-order Hermite weighted essentially non-oscillatory (HWENO) scheme with artificial linear weights for one and two dimensional hyperbolic conser- vation laws, where the zeroth-order and the first-order moments are used in the spatial reconstruction. We construct the HWENO methodology using a nonlinear convex combination of a high degree polynomial with several low degree polynomials, and the associated linear weights can be any artificial positive numbers with only requirement that their summation equals one. The one advantage of the HWENO scheme is its simplicity and easy extension to multi-dimension in engineering applications for we can use any artificial linear weights which are independent on geometry of mesh. The another advantage is its higher order numerical accuracy using less candidate stencils for two dimensional problems. In addition, the HWENO scheme still keeps thecompactness as only immediate neighbor information is needed in the reconstruction and has high efficiency for directly using linear approximation in the smooth regions. In order to avoid nonphysical oscillations nearby strong shocks or contact discontinuities, we adopt the thought of limiter for discontinuous Galerkin method to control the spurious oscillations. Some benchmark numerical tests are performed to demonstrate the capability of the proposed scheme.