Math Department Invited Talks

[Math Department Invited Talk] On the mathematical analysis of synchronization for the time-delayed Kuramoto oscillators

This is joint work with  Chang-Yeol Jung, Bongsuk Kwon and Yoshihiro Ueda. We investigate the synchronized collective behavior of the Kuramoto oscillators with time-delayed interactions and phase lag effect. Both the phase and frequency synchronization are in view. We first prove the frequency synchronization for both semi-delay and full-delay models with heterogeneous time-delays and phase lags. We also prove the complete and partial phase synchronization for both models with the uniform time-delay and phase lag. Our results show that the Kuramoto models incorporated with small variation of time-delays and/or phase lag effect still exhibit the synchronization. These support that the original Kuramoto model (i.e., no time-delays/phase lags) is qualitatively robust in the perturbation of time-delay and phase lag effects. We also present several numerical experiments supporting our main results.