Math Department Invited Talks

[Math Department Invited Talk] Isentropic Approximation


In the study of compressible flows, the isentropic model was often used to replace the more complicated full system when the entropy is near a constant. This is based on the expectation that the corresponding isentropic model is a good approximation to the full system when the entropy is sufficiently close to the constant. We will discuss the mathematical justification of isentropic approximation in Euler flows and in Navier-Stokes-Fourier flows. This is based on the joint work with Y. Chen, J. Jia, and L. Tong.  

Short bio

USTC, Bachelor, Master, 1989--1995

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph. D  1995--1998

SISSA, Postdoc, 1998--2000

University of Michigan, Assistant Professor, 2000--2003

Georgia Tech,  Assistant Professor,  2003--2007, Associate Professor, 2007--2011

Full Professor, 2011--present.