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LI Zhan

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor

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Research Area

Algebraic Geometry, especially Birational Geometry


2018 - Current Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, SUSTech

2015 - 2018 Assistant Professor, BICMR.

2014 - 2015 Visiting Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University.



2009 - 2014 Ph.D. in Mathematics, Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

2005 - 2009 B.S. in Mathematics, Tianjin University.


Recruit Master/Doctor students and Postdocs, feel free to send me Emails for more details (I tend to be cautious about recruitment).

There is one more position for Postdoc, application deadline is Oct. 20th 2020.

Research Area

Algebraic geometry, especially birational geometry.

Southern University of Science and Technology

• Lecturer, Abstract Algebra (Honor Class), Spring 2019. 

• Lecturer, Linear Algebra I A, Fall 2018.

• Lecturer, Differential Geometry, Spring 2018.

Peking University

• Lecturer, Calculus C (for medical school), Fall 2015.

Johns Hopkins University

• Lecturer, Math 106 Calculus I (for biological and social science), Fall 2014, Spring 2015.

Rutgers University

• Recitation lecturer, Math 135 Calculus I (for biological science, business, economics and pharmacy), Spring 2014, Fall 2013, Spring 2011, Fall 2010.

• Recitation lecturer, Math 136 Calculus II (for biological science, business, economics and pharmacy), Spring 2012.

• Workshop lecturer, Math 151 Calculus I (for mathematical science, physical sciences, and engineering), Spring 2013, Fall 2011.

• Workshop lecturer, Math 152 Calculus II (for mathematical science, physical sciences, and engineering), Fall 2012.

Publications and Preprints

[1] (with Jingjun Han) On accumulation points of pseudo-effective thresholds, arXiv:1812.04260, to appear at Manuscripta Mathematica.

[2] On derived equivalence of general Clifford double mirrors, arXiv:1605.04530, Communications in Number Theory and Physics, Volume 14, Number 3. 2020.

[3] (with Jingjun Han) On Fujita's conjecture for pseudo-effective thresholds, arXiv:1705.08862, Mathematical Research Letters, Volume 27, Number 2, 377–396, 2020.

[4] (with Lev Borisov) On Clifford double mirrors of toric complete intersections, arXiv:1601.00809, Advances in Mathematics, 328 (2018), 300–355.

[5] Counterexamples of Lefschetz hyperplane type results for movable cones, arXiv:1601.05546, Complex Manifolds, Volume 3, Issue 1 (2016), 207–210.

[6] On the birationality of complete intersections associated to nef-partitions. arXiv:1310.2310, Advances in Mathematics, 299 (2016), 71–107.

[7] (with Lev Borisov) On complete intersections with trivial canonical class, arXiv:1404.7490, Advances in Mathematics, 268 (2015), 339–349.

[8] (with Jingjun Han and Lu Qi) ACC for log canonical threshold polytopes, arXiv:1706.07628.

[9] (with Jingjun Han) Weak Zariski decompositions and log terminal models for generalized polarized pairs, arXiv: 1806.01234.

[10] Fujita’s conjecture on iterated accumulation points of pseudo-effective thresholds. arXiv: 1812.04262.

[11] Boundedness of the base varieties of certain fibrations. arXiv: 2002.06565.

[12] On finiteness of log canonical models. arXiv: 2006.01370.