Dynamical Systems Seminar

An ergodic theorem for symmetric averages

  • 演讲者:Godofredo Iommi(智利天主教大学)

  • 时间:2023-04-24 10:30-11:30

  • 地点:Zoom ID 990 7247 5887, Passcode 740807


We introduce a notion of barycenter of a probability measure related to the symmetric mean of a collection of nonnegative real numbers. Our definition is inspired by the work of Halász and Székely, who in 1976 proved a law of large numbers for symmetric means. We establish fundamental inequalities that relate the symmetric mean of a list of nonnegative real numbers with the barycenter of the measure uniformly supported on these points. As a consequence, we go on to establish an ergodic theorem stating that the symmetric means of a sequence of dynamical observations converges to the Halász-Székely barycenter of the corresponding distribution. This is joint work with Jairo Bochi and Mario Ponce.