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Hardy-type Inequalities and other Related Issues


Time: Oct 18, 2015, 14:30-15:30

Location: 科教中心703

Recent progress on the spectral theory of Neumann-Poincare operator and plasm on resonance

Speaker: Prof. Hyeonbae Kang Department of Mathematics, Inha University(讲座教授,韩国科学院院士)

Time: Oct 16, 2015, 16:00-17:00

Location: 校图书馆110报告厅

A new estimator for integrated volatility with microstructure noise and jumps

Speaker: 陈海强教授, 厦门大学王亚南经济研究院

Time: Oct 16, 2015, 10:10-11:10

Location: 科研教学服务中心703

Computing Highly Oscillatory Problems Faster and More Accurately

Speaker: Prof.Qin Sheng Department of Mathematics, Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics and Engineering Re

Time: Oct 15, 2015, 16:00-17:00

Location: 科研教学服务中心703



Time: Oct 14, 2015, 17:00-18:00

Location: 一教504教室

A semiparametric additive rates model for multivariate recurrent events with missing event categories


Time: Oct 14, 2015, 16:00-17:00

Location: 科教中心703

"Efficient and Stable Exponential Time Differencing Runge-Kutta Methods for Phase Field "

Speaker: Prof. Lili Ju(鞠立力) Department of Mathematics, University of South Carolina.

Time: Oct 8, 2015, 10:00-11:00

Location: 科研教学服务中心703



Time: Sep 16, 2015, 15:00-16:00

Location: 科研教学服务中心703

Mysterious Jupiter and the Juno spacecraft mission

Speaker: 张可可教授

Time: Jul 26, 2015, 16:00-17:00

Location: 一教108

Threshold spaces for incompressible Euler equations


Time: Jul 8, 2015, 14:30-15:30

Location: 第二科研楼 320多功能室

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