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Model-driven and data-driven inverse problems

  • Speaker: Yanfei WANG (CAS)

  • Time: Jan 10, 2020, 16:30-17:30

  • Location: Conference Room 415, Hui Yuan 3#


In the early stage of geophysical inversion, single physical property is the main feature. Due to the limitation of a single geophysical method, the inversion results are not enough in accuracy and resolution to meet the needs of actual exploration and development. In recent years, we have comprehensively used various geophysical methods to study the same geological body from different perspectives. On the basis of single geophysical field inversion, we take the correlation between multiple physical parameters as a prior information, introduce the spatial structure coupling algorithm, and study the appropriate optimization inversion algorithm to improve the accuracy of inversion interpretation. In addition, we can further introduce big data and artificial intelligence analysis to achieve the further improvement of the accuracy of geophysical inverse problem solution, so as to achieve the goal of fully approaching the reality.