Computational & Applied Math Seminar

Uniqueness and numerical methods for the inverse scattering by a locally rough surface with buried obstacles

  • Speaker: Jianliang Li(Hunan Normal University)

  • Time: Apr 30, 2024, 10:00-11:00

  • Location: Tencent Meeting 795325130 ( Password:240430 )


Consider the problem of scattering of time-harmonic point sources by an infinite locally rough interface with bounded obstacles embedded in the lower half-space. The model problem is first reduced to an equivalent integral equation formulation defined in a bounded domain, where the well-posedness is obtained in $L^p$ by the classical Fredholm theory. Then a global uniqueness theorem is proved for the inverse problem of recovering the locally rough interface, the embedded obstacles and the wave number in the lower half-space by means of near-field measurements above the interface. Moreover, the linear sampling method and reverse time migration method are introduced to reconstruct both the interface and the embedded obstacle.