引才 | 2023年南方科技大学数学学科国际青年学者论坛

一、论坛介绍Forum Introduction


      The Global Mathematics Young Scholars Forum hosted by the mathematics discipline of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) aims to provide a common platform for young scholars in mathematics to present their best research results, exchange their research ideas and discuss their ambition of contributing to the development of a world-class mathematics discipline at SUSTech. Through this Forum, we hope to select and recruit outstanding researchers who share our vision and ambition to become a world-class center for mathematics research.

二. 日程安排Forum Schedule



Date of Forum:November,30,2023

Venue:On-line + On-site Forum

三. 招聘人才类型 Positions


Young Faculty (Associate / Assistant Professors)

四. 申请详情Application

1. 申请材料Application Materials

1)  个人简历

2)  科研与教学综述

3)  代表性学术成果

1) Curriculum Vitae

2) Research & Teaching Statement

3) Representative academic publications/achievements

2. 申请流程Application Procedure



Please submit all your application materials to the Department of Mathematics via email: mathhire@sustech.edu.cn or to the NCAMS recruitment email: ouyc@mail.sustech.edu.cn. Review will start as soon as the application is received. Candidates shortlisted for the Forum will receive an invitation letter before November 23, 2023.

3. 申请截止日期Application Deadline


November 20, 2023

五. 差旅与住宿Travel and accommodation


Sponsor will arrange accommodation for all participants (paid by the host). Young scholars who are invited to participate in the Forum are required to book their own air tickets (economy class). Sponsor will reimburse the round-trip travel expenses of the participating scholars according to the actual expenses, with a limit of 20,000 yuan per person.

六、咨询方式Contact Information



电  话:+86-755-88018711

邮  箱:mathhire@sustech.edu.cn





Department of Mathematics

Contacts: Ms. Liu




Contacts: Ms. Ou



七、引进条件及人才待遇Qualifications and Benefits


Young Faculty (Associate / Assistant professors)

1. 引进条件Qualifications




Under the age of 40. Doctoral degree obtained from internationally renowned universities and institutes; or Ph.D. degrees from Chinese universities and have more than 36 months of overseas work experience, with a formal teaching or research position in famous overseas universities and research institutes.

Department of Mathematics recruits in all fields of mathematics.

NCAMS recruits researchers who have demonstrated exceptional academic capabilities and influence in fields related to applied mathematics, computational mathematics, machine learning, and other mathematical applications, and have the ability to lead and organize high-level research projects or applied projects.

2. 支持措施Level of Support



Research startup funds:A maximum of CNY 4 million in research funding is provided by local government and the university for the first 5 years of employment.

Additional Support:  At least 1 PhD student fully paid by the university and 2 post-doctoral fellows partially (50%) subsidized by the university. Additional research assistant professors (RAPs), research scholars and research assistants hired by the faculty member her/himself. High-level talents can also independently hire one research assistant professor in NCAMS

3. 薪酬待遇Remuneration




Salary: Globally competitive salary (one of the best in the sector); Preferential policy of individual income tax, income tax of qualified high-level talents will be compensated by local government to a maximum of 15% for qualified candidates.

Insurances: Shenzhen’s highest level of retirement insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing provident funds. And provide commercial supplementary medical insurance and high-level commercial medical insurance.

Subsidy: The university will assist in applying for the corresponding talent programs according to the national, provincial and municipal talent policies. Successful personnel will receive the relevant program funding / reward.

4. 生活待遇Benefits



Housing: Temporary on-campus apartments provided or subsidies to support off-campus rental housing.

Other benefits: Permanent residence or resident visa service for scholars and family (spouse and children); Service of children’s education in SUSTech affiliated preschool, primary school and middle school.

5.深圳国家应用数学中心平台特别支持NCAMS Benefits



1)Teaching and research series staff, in addition to enjoying the same benefits as similar personnel at Southern University of Science and Technology, may have their teaching workload reduced annually.

2)For high-level talents urgently recruited by NCAMS through full-time employment, in addition to the university's talent recruitment policy in the same period, an increment of 200,000 to 1,000,000 RMB in research funding, an increment of 100,000 to 500,000 RMB in settlement allowance, and an annual salary increment of 50,000 to 200,000 RMB can be provided.



        数学学科已建成一支国际化的一流师资队伍,现有教研序列教师41人,其中包括3位院士(2022年全职引进菲尔兹奖获得者、美国科学院院士、美国艺术与科学院院士、西班牙皇家科学院院士、美国数学学会会员、中国科学院外籍院士Efim Zelmanov讲席教授),其中1位为国际数学家大会1小时报告人,3位为45分钟报告人,1位国家自然科学奖二等奖获得者(独立)和1位三等奖获得者(独立),2位国家杰出青年基金获得者;包括多名国际数学奖章获得者,其中1位为菲尔兹奖获得者,1位是古根海姆奖(Guggenheim Fellowships)获得者,51%的教研系列教师系国家认定的高层次人才;7人在“四大”数学顶尖杂志发表论文;30余人次担任国际期刊主编、副主编、编委。



Introduction to the Department of Mathematics of SUSTech

        SUSTech was established in 2011 as a global international major research university. The mission of the Department of Mathematics is to conduct world-class research and provide first-class mathematical education. The mathematics discipline at SUSTech was selected as a national “double first-class” discipline in 2022.The department offers bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees. Current faculty members include one Fields Medalist, three members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and three ICM 45-minute invited speakers. Almost all faculty members have had multiple years of teaching and research experience in top universities outside of China. A large percentage of them held tenured positions abroad before joining SUSTech. The research interests of the faculty members cover a broad range of Mathematics, including Pure Mathematics, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Probability and Financial Mathematics. More information about the department can be found at https://math.sustech.edu.cn/?lang=en. SUSTech is located in Shenzhen, which is a modern, high-tech, coastal city in Southern China adjacent to Hong Kong. Residents enjoy a high standard of living, with a wide variety of diverse cuisines, international schools and excellent health care. Many of the world's largest tech companies have chosen to locate their headquarters in Shenzhen. As a result, the University has witnessed phenomenal growth and is now ranked one of the top ten universities in China by Times Higher Education (THE).



        深圳国家应用数学中心(以下简称“中心”)汇聚了我市主要高校和多个重要企事业单位的相关主力, 将聚焦网络信息体系中的建模与计算、精准医疗应用中的建模与计算、科学工程计算与设计软件、金融科技与数字经济中的建模与计算等四个核心方向开展应用数学和数学应用研究,主要应用于网络信息与通讯、智慧城市管理、医学成像设备开发、精准医疗、集成电路、工程计算与设计、金融信用大数据、智慧金融等方面。中心将以攻坚国家重大需求为主要宗旨,以“立足深圳,辐射湾区,面向全国,放眼世界”为建设原则,瞄准深圳市产业创新及企业发展重大需求中的数学问题开展研究,尤其是与数学应用有关的共性关键技术问题,打破单位界限和学科壁垒,打造集人才培养、科学研究、产业服务相互衔接的基础科学中心,服务于深圳的经济社会发展。

Introduction to National Center for Applied Mathematics Shenzhen (NCAMS)

        In February 2020, the construction plan for National Center for Applied Mathematics Shenzhen (NCAMS) was formally approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. NCAMS is led by Southern University of Science and Technology, in collaboration with Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. It became one of the first thirteen national centers for applied mathematics in the country and marked Shenzhen's first national-level mathematics center.

        NCAMS brings together key resources from local universities and various significant enterprises and institutions. It focuses on research in applied mathematics in four core areas: modeling and computation in the network information system, modeling and computation in precision medical applications, scientific engineering computation and design software, and modeling and computation in financial technology and the digital economy. These areas are applied to fields such as network information and communication, smart city management, medical imaging equipment development, precision medical care, integrated circuits, engineering computation and design, financial credit and big data, and smart finance.

        NCAMS's primary mission is to address national major needs and adhere to the principles of ‘Based in Shenzhen, radiating the Bay Area, facing the nation, and looking to the world’. It aims to research mathematical problems, especially common key technical issues related to mathematical applications, which is essential for industrial innovation and enterprise development in Shenzhen. NCAMS aims to break down institutional boundaries and disciplinary barriers, creating a fundamental scientific center that integrates talent cultivation, scientific research, and industrial services, ultimately serving the economic and social development of Shenzhen.