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Celebrating the 50 years of the Berkeley school Jun 18-29, 2018

Important Information

Chinese Visa to Attend the Conference

Conference participants from most foreign countries will be required to hold a valid Chinese visa to enter China Mainland. For the purpose of attending academic conferences, one can apply for a business visa (F Visa). Please kindly note that you should make your visa application well in advance of the planned travel date. 

To request a conference letter of invitation, please contact us.

How to apply Chinese Visa

  • From the United States of America:
    • For the general visa information, please visit the visa page of the Embassy of People's Republic of China in USA.
    • Click here for detailed steps on how to apply Chinese visa. You could download the Chinese Visa Application Form (Form V.2013).
    • Find the locations for the Embassy and Consulates General of the People's Republic of China in the United States.

  • From Other Countries:
  • If you plan a trip through Hong Kong, please visit the page of Visa for Hong Kong SAR to see if you need a visa for Hong Kong. For citizens from most foreign countries, there is a visa-free period for a short visit or tourism and stay in Hong Kong. Please check the following website , Part II, Item 12.