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Celebrating the 50 years of the Berkeley school Jun 18-29, 2018


Getting to Shenzhen by Air:

You can fly to either Shenzhen (SZX) or Hong Kong (HKG) airport. The second option may be more convenient for international participants.

There are several ways of getting to Shenzhen from Hong Kong airport:

Several ground transportation options are available 24 hours a day, but if you arrive before 8:00 PM, it might be more convenient to take a ferry boat to Shenzhen Shekou:

This way, there is no need to pass through Hong Kong immigration and your checked luggage can be transfered to the ferry boat for free (you will then receive your luggage upon arrival in Shekou port).

Note: You can easily get to SUSTech from Shekou port by taxi (about 40 minutes ride for about 70 RMB). Please, make sure that you get about 100 RMB cash in Hong Kong airport as the new Shekou ferry terminal does not have any ATMs (as of July 2017) and taxi drivers in Shenzhen do not accept credit cards.

In general, foreign credit cards are not widely accepted in Shenzhen, but there are many ATMs with VISA/Mastercard logo, where one can withdraw cash with foreign debit/credit cards.

Once you arrive at Shenzhen:

You can show the taxi driver the following card indicating the location of Southern University of Science and Technology and emergency contacts (in Chinese).

Directions to Guest House SUSTech

By Metro: Tanglang Station(塘朗站), Huanzhong Line; School gate 1 (一号门) is 500m from Exit C of Tanglang Metro Station

By Bus: SUSTC  Station(南方科技大学站) , Line M369, 43, 74, 81

Taxi: Southern University of Science and Technology in Tanglang(塘朗), Nanshan District

Address: No 1088, Xueyuan Rd., Xili, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518055