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Mini-Workshop on Topology and Arithmetic

Aug 7-9, 2023

Conference Summary

This event is hosted by the Department of Mathematics and the Shenzhen International Center for Mathematics at SUSTech. The goal of this workshop is to bring experts and young researchers in algebraic topology and arithmetic geometry to share recent progress on the interface of these two areas. In particular, we will discuss the intimate relationship between topological Hochschild homology (and its variants such as topological cyclic homology) and prismatic cohomology (and related algebraic constructions such as crystalline Galois representations and Breuil–Kisin modules).
Our plan is to invite researchers in algebraic topology to discuss foundational constructions such as infinity categories, algebraic K-theory, THH, TC, TP etc., and to invite researchers in arithmetic geometry to discuss crystalline representations and Breuil–Kisin modules etc.. We shall have ample dicussion time to allow intense and fruitful communication between these two groups.