SUSTech // Mathematics // Conference 中文

Probability theory and related fields

Nov 26-29, 2016

Conference Summary

1.  Registration

Saturday, November 26 : 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

1st Floor, Research and Teaching Service Center科教服务中心1楼

Sunday, November 27 : 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Teaching Building 1, outside of Room 107第一教学楼107外面

2.  Conference Venues by Date

Sunday, November 27:

Opening and Plenary Session : Teaching Building 1, Room 107第一教学楼107

Parallel Session I : Teaching Building 1, Room 107第一教学楼107

Parallel Session II: Teaching Building 1, Room 110第一教学楼110

Monday, November 28 and Tuesday, November 29:

Parallel Session I : Library, Room 110图书馆110报告厅

Parallel Session II: Library, Room 111图书馆111报告厅

3.  Meals and Banquet

4.  Website

English Version :

Chinese Version :

5.  Contacts

Wujun Gao      高武军 15693328860

Shenghong Lu 卢圣红 15920454554

6.  Transportation Information


No 1088, Xueyuan Rd., Nanshan District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China 518055

Nearest Metro Station

Tanglang Station,Line 5

SUSTech is 700m from Exit D of Tanglang Metro Station on Line 5

Bus Station

SUSTech Station

Line : 43, 74, 81, m369,m459

Directions to SUSTechCampus

Whenever you arrive at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, or major train stations and coach stations of Shenzhen, you could easily access to airport shuttles, metros, buses or taxis to SUSTech. Metro lines stretching across the city could be a good choice for your travel. Line 5 has a stop near to SUSTech Gate 1.

Taxi is a good choice if you want to get here without any transfer. The campus is gated. Three gates(Gate 1, Gate 3 and Gate 6)are currently for automobiles. When you take a taxi, you can show the following address to the driver:


Here are some recommended routes from major passenger terminals to the campus.

From Hong Kong International Airport:

You don’t need to go through Hong Kong border control, there are ferries from Hong Kong International Airport to Shekou Port, Shenzhen (available from 9:00 to 21:45). When you arrive at Shekou Port, you can take bus Line 122 and get off at SUSTC Station. Taxi from Shekou Port to SUSTech costs about ¥55 (less than US$10).

You may also go through the border control to enter Hong Kong, then take airport coaches to mainland. The best stop for you to get off is Shenzhen North Railway Station, where you can easily access to metro and bus lines listed below. Taxi from Shenzhen North Railway Station to SUSTC costs about  ¥15. In case you fail to book a coach to Shenzhen North Railway Station, there are other preferable options including Kingkey Banner (京基百纳) and Futian Port, both of which areabout 30 minutes' drive from SUSTech.

For more details and options from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen, please check the following webpage:

From Shenzhen North Railway Station:

Metro and bus are both convenient for you to reach SUSTC from North Railway Station. If you go by metro, take Line 5 and get off at Tanglang Station (Exit D). If you go by bus, take Line m217/m343/m393 and get off at Tanglang Metro Station (塘朗地铁站). By either metro or bus, you’ll need to walk 700m to SUSTech Gate 1 after getting off. If you want to take a taxi instead, it’ll cost about ¥22.

From Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport:

If you go by metro, take Line 11 and get off at Qianhaiwan Station(前海湾站), then transfer to Line 5 and get off at Tanglang Station (Exit D). It costs about ¥90 (US$15) for a taxi from the airport to the campus.











香港国际机场: 您不需要入境香港,可以从香港机场坐船到深圳蛇口港(9点到21:45都有)。到达蛇口后,可乘坐122路公交直达南方科技大学。从蛇口打出租车来校约需55元。




7.  SUSTech Campus Map