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Arithmetic and Topology

Dec 16-17, 2022

Arithmetic and Topology 

Date: Dec. 16-17, 2022
Place: online zoom: 863 4229 4780  (passcode: aritopo  )

Scientific Committee: Stavros Garoufalidis 
Organizers: Hui Gao, Yifei Zhu

This online conference is hosted by the Department of Mathematics and the International Center for Mathematics at SUSTech. We intend to bring experts in both Number Theory and Topology to share recent advances in these related fields, and to foster interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.

Weiyan Chen, Tsinghua University
Xing Gu, Westlake University
Yiqin He, Peking University
Yongquan Hu, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhen Huan, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Zicheng Qian, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Guozhen Wang, Fudan University
Haoran Wang, Tsinghua University
Seokbeom Yoon, Southern University of Science and Technology
Ningchuan Zhang, University of Pennsylvania

Bin Zhao, Capital Normal University

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