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The Third International Conference On Group Actions and Transitive Graphs

Oct 11-14, 2018

Introduction: This conference will provide a forum for mathematicians and graduate students who are working in group theory, graph symmetry, and their applications to share their recent results and research progress and develop further collaborations; in particular, it will provide opportunities for young researchers to meet and learn more about this field. Topics of this conference will include groups, group actions, automorphism groups of graphs, transitive graphs, maps (on surfaces), and highly symmetric combinatorial structures.

Sponsor: Department of Mathematics, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)

Organizing committee:

Cai Heng Li (Southern University of Science and Technology)

Jiping Zhang (Peking University)

Xin Gui Fang (Peking University)

Jie Wang (Peking University)

Hua Zhang (Yunnan Normal University)

Jiangmin Pan (Yunnan University of Finance and Economics)

Binzhou Xia (University of Melbourne)

Sanming Zhou (University of Melbourne)

Wei Jin (Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics)

Shujiao Song (Yantai University)

Shouhong Qiao (Guangdong University of Technology)

Jing Xu (Capital Normal University, Beijing)

Confirmed invited speaker:

Rosemary Bailey (University of St Andrews)

John Bamberg(University of Western Australia)

Peter Cameron (University of St Andrews)

Michael Giudici (University of Western Australia)

Sandi Malnič (University of Ljubljana and University of Primorska)

Dragan Marušič (University of Primorska)

Roman Nedela (University of West Bohemia and Matej Bel University)

Alice Niemeyer (Aachen University of Technology)

Cheryl Praeger (University of Western Australia)

Csaba Schneider (Federal University of Minas Gerais)

Gabriel Verret (The University of Auckland)

Shaofei Du (Capital Normal University)

Xiang Fu (Peking University)

Gennian Ge (Capital Normal University)

Jiangmin Pan (Yunnan University of Finance and Economics)

Jiping Zhang (Peking University)

Sanming Zhou (University of Melbourne)

Jin-Xin Zhou (Beijing Jiaotong University)

Registration time: 11 October 2018

Registration venue: Ground floor in Guest House 2, SUSTech

Conference time: 12 October 2018 – 14 October 2018

Conference venue: Teaching Building 1, SUSTech

Fees: There is no registration fee. The accommodation will be booked by the organizers in Guest House or Yanyuan Tanglong Hotel with fees to be paid by the participant during check-in.

To register: Download the Registration Form and send the completed form to (Mr. Zheng Guo) before 15 September 2018. There will be a reply via email to confirm the registration.


Mrs. Xianghui Yu:


Phone number:+86 18719445688

Dr. Jiyong Chen:

Email: OR

Phone number: +86 18810442621

Mr. Zheng Guo:


Phone number: +86 15813705758

Transport information:

To fly to Shenzhen, you may arrive at either Shenzhen (SZX) airport or Hong Kong (HKG) airport. For international participants, Hong Kong airport is recommended.

At the address below you may find several ways to transfer to Shenzhen from Hong Kong airport:

Several options are available 24 hours, but if you arrive at Hong Kong airport before 8:00 pm it will more convenient take ferry to Shekou port in Shenzhen. In this way, there is no need to pass through Hong Kong immigration and your checked luggage can be transferred to the ferry boat for free (you will then receive your luggage upon arrival at Shekou port). More information can be found here:

Note: Taxi drivers in Shenzhen do not accept credit cards – you must pay with cash in Chinese RMB. You can easily get to SUSTech from Shekou port by taxi (about 40 minutes for about 70 RMB) but the new Shekou ferry terminal does not have any ATMs (as of July 2017) so please ensure you have about 100 RMB cash before arrival at the ferry port. In general, foreign credit cards are not widely accepted in Shenzhen, but there are many ATMs with VISA/Mastercard logo, where one can withdraw cash with foreign debit/credit cards.

The address of SUSTech is No 1088, Xueyuan Rd., Xili, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518055.

Once you arrive at Shenzhen, there are several ways to get to SUSTech.

By Taxi: Southern University of Science and Technology in Tanglang(塘朗), Nanshan District. (At the end of the document, you can download and print instructions in Chinese for the taxi driver.)

By Bus: SUSTech Station (南方科技大学站), Line M369, 43, 74, 81.

By Metro: Tanglang Station (塘朗站) , Huanzhong Line. (University Gate 1 is about 500m from Exit C of Tanglang Metro Station.)

Hotel information:

You may need to show your passport or ID card for hotel check-in.

1.SUSTech Guest House (南方科技大学专家公寓)

Telephone: +86 0755 88015773

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2.Yayuan Tanglang Hotel (雅园塘朗酒店)

Tianliaodasha, Xueyuan Rd. Xili, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

(深圳市南山区西丽镇学苑大道田寮大厦 )

Telephone: +86 0755 22233030

Below you can download the address in Chinese of the Yayuan Tanglang Hotel to show to the taxi driver.