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International Workshop on Algebraic Topology

Jun 6-9, 2018

Note: All talks take place in Teaching Building 1, Room 301, except that the afternoon talks on Thu. June 7 are in Room 107.

The lecture rooms are classrooms and there will be rings at class times.

Wed. June 6

8:30 am, Coffee & Refreshments

9:00–9:45, Michael Hopkins, Some problems in homotopy theory inspired by questions in physics

10:05–10:50, Xiangjun Wang, On the homotopy elements h0hn

11:10–11:55, Irina Bobkova, Spanier-Whitehead duals in the K(2)-local category

12:00 pm, Lunch Break

2:30–3:15, Haibao Duan, Schubert calculus and cohomology of Lie groups

3:35–4:20, Yifei Zhu, Toward calculating unstable higher-periodic homotopy types

4:40–5:25, Eva Belmont, Chromatic localization in an algebraic category

6:00 pm, Banquet

Thu. June 7

8:30 am, Coffee & Refreshments

9:00–9:45, Lars Hesselholt, Higher algebra and arithmetic

10:05–10:50, Gerd Laures, Chromatic atoms of Thom spectra

11:10–11:55, Guozhen Wang, Motivic homotopy and Cτ-modules

12:00 pm, Lunch Break, Afternoon Talks in Room 107

2:30–3:15, Yi Jiang, Teichmuller spaces of negatively curved metrics on hyperbolic manifolds

3:35–4:20, Nora Ganter, Categorical traces and orbifold invariants

4:40–5:25, Jeremy Hahn, Dyer-Lashof operations in the Morava E-theory of n-fold loop spaces

Fri. June 8

8:30 am, Coffee & Refreshments

9:00–9:45, Douglas Ravenel, Model categories in stable homotopy theory

10:05–10:50, Nathaniel Stapleton, Chromatic homotopy theory is asymptotically algebraic

11:10–11:55, XiaoLin Danny Shi, The slice spectral sequence of a height 4 theory

12:00 pm, Free Afternoon

Sat. June 9

8:30 am, Coffee & Refreshments

9:00–9:45, Jie Wu, Simplicial James-Hopf map and decompositions of the unstable Adams spectral sequence for suspensions

10:05–10:50, Tom Bachmann, Loop groups in