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 Dynamical Systems Day

Dec 14-14, 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

Room 706 at Math department, SUSTC, Shenzhen

 Morning session (Chair: Prof. Zhihong Xia)

09:00-09:50   Prof. Lan Wen (Peking University, Beijing)

The problem of characterizing structural stability revisited

10:00-10:50  Prof. Yuefei Wang (AMSS, CAS)


10:50am-11:20  Tea time

11:20-12:10   Prof. Xiangdong Ye (USTC, Hefei)


Afternoon session (Chair: Prof. Xuefeng Wang)

15:00-15:50  Prof. Raul Ures (University of the Republic, Uruguay)

On the Non-Robustness of Intermingled Basins

15:50 –16:20, Tea time 

16:20-17:10   Prof. Jana Hertz (University of the Republic, Uruguay)

Partially hyperbolic dynamics in dimension 3