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CAO (Tsao) Min



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Research interests:

Nonparametric statistics, empirical likelihood theory, applied statistics

Educational background:

1991-1995  Simon Fraser University  Statistics                               Ph.D.

1987-1990  Simon Fraser University  Numerical Analysis                  M.Sc.

1981-1985  Lanzhou University         Computational Mathematics     B.Sc.

Professional Experiences

2016 - present    Professor                   Southern University of Science and Technology, China

2006 - 2015       Professor                   University of Victoria, Canada 

2001 - 2006      Associate Professor      University of Victoria, Canada

1996 - 2001      Assistant Professor       University of Victoria, Canada


Empirical likelihood and its applications(2006-2015)  Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada   CDN$160000

Selected publications:

1.    Tsao, M. and Wu, F. (2014) Extended empirical likelihood for estimating equations. Biometrika, 101, 703-710.

2.    Tsao, M. and Wu, F. (2013) Empirical likelihood on the full parameter space. The Annals of Statistics, 41, 2176-2196.

3.    Tsao, M. (2004) Bounds on coverage probabilities of the empirical likelihood ratio confidence regions. The Annals of Statistics, 32, 1215-1221.

4.    Tsao, M. (2000) On the random placement hypothesis. Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 7, 415-422.

5.    Routledge, R. and Tsao, M. (1997) On the relationship between two asymptotic expansions for the distribution of sample mean and its applications. The Annals of Statistics, 25, 2200-2209.